rtisans, sculptors and professionals specialized
in the  production of marble, limestone & granite.

Mainly Italian and Spanish marble and natural stone. 


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From 1920 to provide customized quality solutions in Italian marble &  natural stones.

We    are     artisans     and   professionals, specialized   in   interpreting, designing, projecting and realizing your   wishes and needs   for   offering   you  the  best solution in natural stone.

Customized quality solutions  in  marbles and  natural stones: crema marfil, white Statuary, Calacatta Gold, Portoro, Giallo Siena, Fine Cream Limestone and White Limestone super hard, onix and precious marbles and breach.

We  apply our expert  handcraft  experience and technology professionally  to the design and  elaboration  of our products  in order to achieve   optimal   results  and  creation  of new shapes and custom designs.

That's   why  we  believe  in  our   handcraft tradition, but also in technological innovation, keeping  in  a  central  pace your wishes and needs.

It's     only    by   means   of    a     full understanding   of  your wishes that  our work reaches it's real sense.

BLOCKS.  Production and sales of marbles Blocks : Carrara White Marble, Statuario, Calacatta, Arabescato, Portoro, Giallo Siena and others from Carrara. Bianco Perlino marble, Rosso Verona and others from Verona, Travertino Romano
.   Crema Marfil, Marron Imperador dark, Red Alicante from Spain.   Cream Limestone similar Crema Marfil, White Limestone, Withe Avorio extra hard Limestone, Green extra forte Limestone. Go to Blocks >

SLABS. Production and  sales of marble slabs, tiles and covering: Production and sales of Slabs, Tiles (2 cm & 1,5 cm thicks: 60x40,60x30,40x40, etc.) Tiles (1 cm)  Go to slabs and tiles  

ARTISTIC WORKS.    Production of marbles cut to sizes and "Artistic works", (Floor with design  (water jet), stairs, columns,  solid bath, shower disher, Fireplaces, Sculptures (copy of originals) and others special  artistic works for your project in natural stones.   Go to Artistic works  >

OUTLET.  "Selection of marbles stocks and technical assistance for the realization of  your projects". Go to Outlet >



We strongly believe in our craft tradition in technological innovation and in our professionalism, putting the core of our "business", your desires and needs; because our work takes on its true meaning from the understanding of these desires.

At the core of our business clients, our craftsmen and workers, which are the major raw material essential for all our projects, small, medium or large.

We believe in our work to create wealth and abundance in the broadest sense, economic wealth, satisfaction and personal and professional growth of all our people, partners, suppliers and customers who share our values and objectives.

We believe that communication and collaboration with all involved directly or indirectly, is the best way to achieve individual and global success of our companies.

We believe in the power and beauty of nature and want a cleaner and better environment for our children.

We believe one of the best definitions of the word "quality" is: "Transparency" in every job and every project we do reality for our customer.


Carrara Blocks

Slabs, Tiles and Covering

Artistics works

Limestone Cream

 Luxury marble






 Photographic catalog of:   Marble & Travertine

Stone & Limestone





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Visit us at Forte dei Marmi & Pietrasanta.  One hour   from  Florence  and  30'  from the Pisa airport. Tuscany. Italy.

You can also visit the  Versilia, tour site, for  full information about our region. 

Email:  Email:    skype: personal-marble    Skype: personal-marble   personal-marble for chat or call.

carrara white, statuary white marble, calacatta gold, cremo, quarries   Forte dei Marmi, the best  

          Map of the quarry                     Forte dei Marmi, (LU). Italy                                    Interactive map of Tuscany
Useful links     Motorway of italy     Via Michelin       Train of Italy        Pisa's airport

Hotels at Forte dei Marmi                  Versilia web site                 SPA-Resort:   Bagno America  

Expo at Italy:

Hotels at Verona & Forte dei Marmi:    Associazione A. Verona e Provincia   Associazione  A. Forte dei Marmi.

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Crema Marfil Coto Quarries. Crema marfil the best quarries.        

Crema Marfil Coto Quarries                                         Crema Marfil Extra Quality, Slabs polished in wooden bundles

For the manufacture and control of Crema Marfil, Marron Emperador, Rojo Alicante, Caliza Capri, and others spanish marbles.

Stone Gris Pulpis and Brown Pulpis
, Grey and Brown Pulpis are a news materials of our new Quarry.

Directly of our Quarries and Factory in Spain We Offer You:  Blocks, Slabs, Tiles, Cut to Sizes

Spain Factory for Crema Marfil, Rojo Alicante, Imperador brown dark, and more                    Crema Marfil, Imperador Dark in our Spanish Factory, Alicante.

Alicante Spain Factory.   Alicante Factory Production line for Slabs resin and polished, with Italian machines.
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Cream Limestone and cream avorio Limestone, quarries.

Personal Marble Turkey, for Check the Production and Import Blocks of  Limestone and Travertine:

Cream Limestone, White Avorio  and grey super hard Limestone. Super Light Travertine, Classic and Noce Travertine.

Marbles and Onyx: 
Pink Marble (Rosa Bellissimo), Effes Brown, Effes Gray, White Onyx Striato, White marble striato


Traditional artistic and craft workshop.  Specialized in marble mosaic, glass, bronze, wood, special paints, etc.

Design, realization and installation of complete environments, the highest international standards of quality.


In Buenos Aires, Republica Argentina, we have a "Traditional artistic craftsmanship and workshop", highly specialized With highly skilled in the design, manufacture and assembly at the highest international level.



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HISTORY OF  Pietrasanta  & Forte dei Marmi              Michelangelo Buonarroti

The Forte dei Marmi Commune was instituted as part of Versilia in 1914.

Before that, it had been part of the Pietrasanta commune. In 1520 was  established the communication between the quarries and the sea.

A dock was placed at the destination in order to permit the shipping of the marble blocks.
Around houses and  buildings  were  placed around these installations to serve as deposits and lodgings.

Pietrasanta City              
             Pietrasanta, Duomo.                           Forte dei Marmi Old Picture             Forte dei Marmi current picture.       

Near the ends of the XVth century, the community of Seravezza asked to Pietrasanta to build a direct path which would join the Apuano center to the sea, meant to transport the marble blocks right to the port.

Between  1782 and 1788 a fort was built, to act as a  permanent  seat of a militar detachment.

This fortification, next  to the  place   where    the marble blocks were shipped is what gave the name to the  city,  called since then "Forte dei Marmi". (Marble

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