Specialists in cream, beige, grey & blue limestone
Exclusive French cream limestone & caramel.
Slabs, flooring and covering for indoor & outdoors

Limestone cream Luget, Saint Baudille, Hebron Bon, Hauteville, Bleu of Savoie, Pompignan,

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Limestone Henry IV, Limestone Provence Dorée, gold Jerusalem and grey Jerusalem. Exclusive French limestone, uniform light colour with extraordinary physical, chemical and mechanical property. Limestone caramel, honey colored very homogeneous with fantastic properties, ideal for facades.

The best quality of limestone, especially selected for your projects of natural stone.

Limestone of extraordinary strength and quality for indoor & outdoor use and & all-weather.









  Luxury marble





Artistic works




Quarry of White and cream Limestone

Quarry of Limestone
White extra hard

More than twenty years of experience in the research of the best limestone  for the production  of  floors and wall Tiles, with the most beautiful finish that we, by ourselves, have experienced for You.

# White Limestone, similar to bianco perlino marble, more homogeneous, without wires or veins: polished, matt polished (honed), sandblasted, brushed, bush-hammered, lining y combinations of these.

# White Capri, Extra Hard Limestone, very white colour, similar to "Caliza Capri" from Spain, but most white background, uniform and compact. Ideal for large projects.
# Cream Limestone
, colour more similar to Crema Marfil Select quality

# Fossil Green Extra Hard Limestone:  polished, matt polished, sanded, brushed, bush-hammered, lining and flamed, with only 2 cm of thick !!

# Exclusive Caramel Limestone

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If You need BLOCKS, This Page will be interesting for You.



White Capri extra hard Limestone, Blocks in the quarry

Limestone White Capri

Ivory White extra hard limestone, blocks in quarry

Limestone White Extra Hard

We have the best Limestone Blocks, colour cream, ivory and light green.

We import regularly blocks. The "Best Limestone Blocks" available today in the world market.

Our customers, for many years, rely on buying our blocks to make their floors and cladding projects with highest quality standard.

If You are looking the bets Quality to avoid surprises after the cutting of the blocks Contact us for availability of blocks in stocks and arriving in the coming days!!

We will answer within the next 24/48 hours.           

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Ivory White extra hard Limestone block

Quarry  of  Cream Limestone, Marfil type

Quarries of Ivory White Limestone

Fossil Green Limestone, extra hard quality Block

Limestone White

Limestone Cream Marfil type

Limestone  White

Limestone Fossil Green


France Cream Limestone, Hauteville, Saint Baudille, Bleu Savoie and more.

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If You need   SLABS or TILES for Covering in LIMESTONE, You should  read this.


Cream Limestone, marfil type. Block already cut.

Limestone Cream,
marfil type


We offer the best quality  Limestone, cream colour,  capri white, caramel  and light green for all your residential and commercial projects of medium and large quantity.

- Slabs  2, 3 cm thick and special sizes.

- Tiles for flooring and wall covering, indoor and
   outdoor, standard and special sizes.

- Wide range of surface finishes: polished, matt polished (honed),
sanded, brushed, bush-hammered, lining and flamed.  

- Special pieces cut to size.              - Artistic Works.


bloque de limestone exclusivo, caramello

Caramel limestone

Send a Mail, stating what you need and you'll have at your disposal all our professional experience in Limestone  >

  Exclusive Caramel Limestone, blocks, slabs, tiles, floor a & covering cut to size.  Marble Slabs >



Exclusive Caramel Limestone block

Caramel limestone rough, only cut

Caramel Limestone, large stock of block. Our quarry

big block of caramel limestone

Slabs rough of our exclusive caramel limestone

Particular picture of a caramel limestone slab

Caramel limestone, exterior covering. Madrid Spain


Block limestone
Particular our.
Caramel Limestone
Large quantity of blocks, our quarries Blocks of big
Slabs of our
exclusive limestone
Particular of our
caramel limestone
Exterior covering of
caramel limestone
  Caramel limestone, exterior covering of buil in Madrid, Spain. Caramel limestone, exterior facade coating Madrid Spain, facade coating with caramel limestone Schedule with tecnical information of caramel limestone. Properties 1 Caramel limestone, facade coating


Exterior covering of Caramel limestone Exterior covering caramel limestone Exterior covering with our exclusive
caramel limestone
Properties 1
caramel limestone
Exterior covering whit our  exclusive
caramel limestone


Caramel limestone propierties page number 2

Caramel limestone, properties page number 3

Caramel limestone properties page number 4

Caramel limestone properties page number 5

Caramel limestone, properties page number 6

Block stock of our exclusive caramel limestone. Large quantity for big project


Properties 2
caramel limestone
Properties 3
caramel limestone
Properties 4
caramel limestone
Properties 5
caramel limestone
Properties 6 caramello limestone Large availability of blocks of
caramel limestone for big projects



Cream limestone, honed, sanded, bush hammered, lining.                                               Up ^


Cream Limestone Marfil type, rough slabs


Cream Limestone Marfil type matt  polished, honed

Cream limestone honed

Cream limestone sanded

Cream Limestone marfil type, bush hammered

Cream Capri Limestone, matt polished, honed

Cream Limestone Marfil Type

Cream Capri limestone honed

White limestone sanded

Cream Limestone bush hammered

cream limestone medium lining finished

Cream Limestone lining

Ivory white exta hard limestone, polished

Cream Limestone

The limestone colour cream and whitemay look similar, but they are not.
Pay attention when You choose one of these  limestone!!

These Limestone may look apparently of the same colour, but it is necessary to check all the qualities of a limestone that you are evaluating: uniformity of constant pitch, seamless grain (grain) or changes in consistency and it is important to know how much is available, to meet the needs of the entire projects.

It is important to check if the stone is compact or not, because even if limestone could seam similar there are some more or less porous (higher or lower coefficient of absorbing water) and lower resistance to wear, bending, etc.

You probably think that is sufficient to check the technical parameters of the limestone in order to compare and decide which best meets the characteristics for your project.

It is true only in part, is a useful but insufficient information.

The best certainty and  guaranty  You get by buying only from companies with experience in these stones, because they produce and export these materials for a long time and because the quarries are historically good material reliable.

This decrease the risks of choosing an inappropriate use limestone you need.

Contact us anytime, we are completely available and will be happy to work with you !!

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We will answer within the next 24/48 hours.    


Limestone white ivory bush hammered

white Limestone
bush hammered
     Up ^  

Apparently limestone blocks of the same type are necessarily homogeneous?

All properties of limestone vary by area of the quarry extraction and production

The qualities and properties of limestone blocks, then impinge on the subsequent production and quality of end products obtained, such as tiles for floors & walls and artistic works of your Project.

After all, that the end customer seeks are the qualitative properties of the final product, so the final product is able to guarantee its use and not the product for the product,

The customer chooses a limestone as a natural stones for flooring and walls, internal or external, such as cream or white colour, is because he wants "uniformity", a "neutral coating", without seams. No ceramic, "Natural Stone", but with good properties ensure the function of "cover" the floors and walls, for example.

Limestone cream or limestone white, probably like for coatings, because they are homogeneous, without vein. They adapt very well to modern architecture, minimalist.  Our limestone are ideal for a waterfront house, for example, because you can used indoors and outdoors, are resistant to cold and can be applied to a wide range of surface finishes. Also around pools, with a sandblasted or bush hammered finish and as wall covering, vases covering, etc. The white ivory limestone or cream limestone, blend well with wood and  all the others colours of decoration projects generally present in modern or classic architecture.                                                                                       

Limestone Blanco Avorio Extra Duro brillo mate, honed

White Limestone
Super Strong

Our limestone blocks, are  selected among many, with the maximum attention.

Periodically in the best quarries, which guarantee continuity in quantity and quality in order to get the best limestone for covering of floors and walls, cream, white and green colours

Our craftsmen at  work for several decades and have learned all the secrets to the polished, honed, sanded, bush hammered (also a 2 cm thick). Our limestone fossil green, for example, is super  strong limestone and he can be flamed with 2 cm thick only. For a residential house in the cost of France we use this limestone fossil green, changing the finish, we have make different floors, and covering, architectural elements  and decoration elements for indoors and outdoors.

For the surface treatment of our limestone, with the collaboration of a highly specialized supplier industry, we have developed several products for cleaning floors and tiles after installation on site, for the treatment of stain resistance and daily cleaning

Avoid surprises and purchase    only the best quality limestone, going to who is really experience in this type of natural stone.

It is true that the toughness of a limestone is not equal to the hardness of marble, with exceptions like the case of limestone green "fossil green". The cream and white limestone, have values that approach those of a crema marfil marble and bianco perlino marble, but not equal to them.

This is a reality that must be accepted if you  want to use limestone in your projects.

The chemicals in addition to protecting against wear and foot traffic to  the action of chemical agents, harden,  but still, if you want to choose a limestone by aesthetic qualities set: uniformity and consistency of tone, lack of  veins, warm colours are combined with others in the rooms, with a  white limestone or a cream limestone, We must consider all the characteristics and requirements of the project, to make the best choice, make the best technical and  aesthetic choices to the customer, and  this is exactly what We do.                             


  What specific benefits you get by buying our limestone: cream, white and green ?


Cream and white limestone lining, medium and fine.
White Limestone
extra hard
lining, lining fine,
for covering
indoors and outdoors
Cream limestone lining, lining fine, bush hammered medium & fine
White limestone
lining and
bush hammered
Cream limestone honed

Cream Limestone,
Marfil type
honed for floors and

 Cream Capri Limestone, white limestone and extra hard limestone

Cream Capri,
Limestone, Ivory
extra hard  Limestone and
Cream Limestone, honed

Some of the most important benefits are:

1. Careful and  strictest choice of the best blocks, of the best quarries in production.
If You buy Blocks, this will interest You and if You buy slabs or tiles and ready-made, too, because only from the best blocks with the best manufacturing, You can get the best quality of floor and wall, stairs, columns and others elements of architecture and decoration for your limestone projects.

2. Experience  in the search of blocks, in the manufacture and the various types of surface specific for limestone, such as standard sizes or cut to special measures, polished, matt polished (honed), sanded, bush hammered, brushed, lining and combination of these.

3. Supply continuity and homogeneity of the limestone in quantity and quality to medium or large project  to long-term, which is essential  to ensure these requirements.

4. Material antifreeze, for external covering and flooring in cold areas (Russia, Northern Europe, North America, etc.) with better properties than a cream limestones, white and  green limestone, may have.

5. Availability of multi-colour limestones, all of uniform shade, which can be used alone or in combination with different types of them finished in the same project.

# Cream Limestone, very similar colour to the best "Crema Marfil Select"  marble.

# White Limestone, the same colour as the "Bianco Perlino Extra Quality" (Italian marble)

# White Capri Limestone, with background and even whiter the better "Capri Limestone"

# Green Light Limestone, "fossil green" can be.                                              Up ^

6.  Variety of surface finishes:

# Polished. # Matt polished, honed. # Sanded. # Bush hammered. # Lining. # Split face

# Brushed. # Combination of Bush hammered and Brushed, smoothing touch (leather).

# Flamed. Our Fossil Green, can be flamed as a granite with 2 cm thick only. This is unique in its kind

7. Execution of work orders in the time provided for the project without surprises lack of blocks or others.

8. If requested by the Client, We visit the  site of the project  and conducted the survey of all the measures necessary for the  realization of the executives designs for manufacturing.

9.  Executives Designs for manufacturing, according to the  measures taken in site, for the production of flooring, covering of wall, stairs and other architectural elements of the project.

10. Another advantage, I want to emphasize the following:

If the limestone is  not suitable for the characteristics  of your project, You should not give up on having a flooring or covering in cream colour, because we have an optimal solution for You.

And is "Our marble Crema Marfil Selected". The best and original Crema Marfil marble from Alicante, Spain.

What are the benefits in this case using our  Crema Marfil Selected?

11. We have  Office and Factory in Novelda, Alicante, Spain, where are the quarries of this marble and where we produce blocks, slabs, tiles and others: Crema Marfil, Rojo Alicante, Imperator Brown, Gray Pulpis, Brown Pulpis, etc.

Your benefit is the fact that we give you specific solutions tailored to your needs and because we are there, the source of production, manufacture and export crema marfil and others spanish marbles throughout the world: crema marfil, imperador brown dark and light, red alicante, cream valencia, capri limestone, gray pulpis, new brow pulpis (extra hard and unique stone)

12. We offer Crema Marfil marble (tiles and covering) selected by the project area.  Standard formats  60 x 40, 40 x 40, 60 x 60 and cut to sizes. Look at this picture, it is crema marfil 100 x 100 x 2 cm, selected for a projects.

We choose the blocks in the quarry, sawn blocks and choose the best slabs, because in the block there are more nice and clean slabs and there also some less pretty. Only the best slabs are going to production line oven drying, resin, mesh and again oven dried and polished. We use Italian technology and machinery technology that guarantees a prefect  elaboration of materials such as crema marfil, Imperator dark, red Alicante and more..

These slabs polished and selected, cut into pieces as they are selected even when packed for the projects area (A, B, C), so you'll always "a flooring and a covering selected" area by area of your project.

The crema marfil marble as mentioned earlier, is not uniform as a limestone, but well selected material is a beautiful alternative to cream limestone and if you can not use a limestone, this is the best alternative solution.

13. We offer solutions tailored to the budget you have available for your project.

As You can see on our page "marble & travertine" there are a variety of quarries and types of "crema marfil", but surely what you want is a cream mid-tone, premium selected, with a some vein and an crema marfil extra, "light tone" with a fine vein, well distributed.

14. The crema marfil well-chosen like one we'll give you results in a flooring and covering for wall colour and original vein that you can combine with other colours of your project and the best alternative solution when  you can not use a limestone.  You  could say that giving up  the limestone, just get a floor and a covering cream colour, homogeneous with a natural stone  vein, which also  gives a touch of elegance  and unique natural beauty.


Contact us anytime, we are completely available and will be happy to work with you !!

 skype: personal-marble personal-marble.        Email:       We will answer within the next 24/48 hours.    


                                                                                                                                                                  Up ^

If You want a Cream Limestone or Ivory Limestone  because these stones expresses the concept of "natural stone" and because they are uniform colour and deveined, You can choose between the following four types

# Cream Limestone Marfil type,  cream without vein, similar to our Crema Marfil Extra quality.

# White Limestone, deveined, white colour, similar to our Bianco Perlino marble.

# White Capri Limestone, white colour with small spots cream colour.

# Green Light Limestone,  extra hard, "Fossil Green" unique in its type and can be used with the following finishes: polished, honed, matt polished, sanded, flamed, bush hammered, brushed (antique), lining. For flooring and covering indoors  and outdoors.

If You want a creamy, but with the characteristic of marble, endurance, veins, and so on. The most suitable natural stone is surely "Our marble Crema Marfil Selected" area by area of project, as before explains.

With our limestone or our crema marfil marble, you'll always flooring and covering made of high quality because these material are our specialty.



  Marble Slabs >

Which is better, a cream limestone or a crema marfil marble? 


Gallery of cream Limestone >

And  who is better between a white limestone and a bianco perlino marble?


Below answer these two questions, according to my experience in the use of these natural  stone,  marbles & limestone.

Surely the choice of  material for the end customer is subjective, but it is  the duty of the designer and supplier of  natural stone, give all the customer information so that He can make the best decision, technical and aesthetic.

The Cream Limestone Marfil type, to better manage projects of medium and large dimension because is a uniform colour. The quarries of Crema Marfil, give little extra quality material (in  percent) and extra quality of crema marfil is most like the  cream limestone because it is the cleanest and clearest background.

The growing trend is to use these limestone cream colour or white colour instead of Crema Marfil or Botticino, if the project permits (technical characteristics of the project). For example, designer  who want facade cladding cream or even white  large as 120 x 60 cm, these limestone have found  the best solution. Are limestone that are unaffected by the cold and apply  for some time, the coating  of external and internal walls and cover large areas.

These limestone we have even supplied cut to 1.5 cm thick aluminium grid with support from  behind, giving you strength in handling and installation while  saving 0,5 cm thick. These savings can be significant in high volume works.

Currently the prices of limestone are generally more  affordable than the  crema marfil extra quality is more limited (law of offer and demand) and has higher production costs.

It is  likely that the prices of blocks of limestone (raw material) increase as global consumption has increased in recent times and the trend is positive

Flooring projects in high traffic areas, opt for and crema marfil, because more resistant, except that the limestone was installed after apply a protective product that gives greater resistance to wear (crystallization). They just called crystallization, are not allowed in all countries, by the type of  substances used.

The same considerations are valid if we make a comparator between the marble bianco perlino and white limestone, because the bianco perlino is produced fewer in number (previously had 10 or more quarries in production, ow, there are only 3 or 4). The marble bianco perlino moreover, is considered a material containing stratified earth.

Aesthetically the "bianco perlino" is  white tone, but not completely clean because it has thin veins of material and impurities that limestone does not. It is almost impossible to provide medium to large quantity of "bianco perlino marble" extra quality, has fine veins, slight variations of the background colour and a few impurities. The White Limestone is better, because it completely homogeneous

The white limestone is quite resistant and compact, is surface treated with a protective product and periodic maintenance.
No wear and tear on walls and floors that are not subject to high traffic, provided that can be applied to the project better than "bianco perlino marble".

For a project with floors subject to high pedestrian traffic, you can use the  "marble bianco perlino" suggest the following:                                                                                                                                                       Up ^
Use a commercial grade "marble perlino  bianco", which quarries produced in greater quantity and for a  "flooring and more uniform coating", apply a surface finish that eliminates impurities and homogenizes the surface.

This superficial termination called "Satin" or "Patina" which is  like a matte brushed.

That is, the surface is "bright mate" more like a stone to marble and the use of brushes, gently remove impurities and homogenized the surface.

This gives the best result and  the surface looks like and antique stone, similar limestone.

Otherwise, if we polished the "bianco perlino commercial quality", We put in further evidence of any impurities, such as "fine black thread" and other imperfections aesthetics of commercial quality.

This is a demonstration of how the choice of a suitable finish, can improve the appearance of a material and beautify the project. Otherwise, pick a poor surface finish for a natural stone, without making  the necessary considerations, will ultimately result in a lower quality of the flooring and  walls of your project.

Contact us anytime, we are completely available and will be happy to work with you !!                                     Up ^   

 skype: personal-marble personal-marble.        Email:       We will answer within the next 24/48 hours.    


Limestone Fossil Green Extra Forte, honed, very good for exterior & interior

Limestone Fossil Green Light rough, very hard limestone, ideal for exterior and exterior

Floor in green limestone, honed. Is very good flamed or sanded

Fossil green limestone rough finish.

Limestone Fossil
Green Honed

Limestone Fossil Green
Light rough

Limestone Fossil Green
mock up

Limestone Fossil Green
Light rough





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