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Lavorazione artistica del marmo, pietra e granito Elaboracion artistica del marmol Les creations artistiques
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Description of our Company.  Our values


Interactive map of the marble quarries of Carrara.

  Who we are.  Where we are. Like locating to us.  Interactive map  of the Tuscany


Land of Michelangelo Bonarrotti. Brief history of Forte dei Marmi & Pietrasanta,
  yesterday and today. Contact information
Photographic Catalog Photographic catalog of granites
of Granites. Production certified to ISO 9002 standard                                                        
  Black granite, blue and white.   Yellow granite, brown and green.
  Gray granite. Pink granite.  Red graniteViolet, lila and other.  Porphyry and Serizzo.
Photographic Catalog White and blue marble. Gray and black marble. Beige marble cream and yellow
of Marbles.

Beige travertine, cream, yellow and red.

  Green marble and brown. Red marble. Pink marble.  Other colours
Photographic Catalog Beige, Yellow, Cream, Gray, pink and red stones.
of Stones, Limestone, More Stones and limestone                                                                                         Up  ^
Breach & Onyx. Antique breach.  Onyx and alabaster influence.
  The meaning of the colors  and its influence. 
Artistic Works in marble Architectural elements in marble, limestone and natural stone
and natural stones. Floors and coating to size, with Florence inserted, moldings and design..
Floors with design, Stairs and others solid element of architecture in marble
Stairs, fireplaces..

Floors and coating  to open book and continuous vein.

  Floors and coating  with cut in curve. Fireplace of all type, dimension and style, in
  Artistic fireplaces in marble, stones, travertine, limestone. Over 100 design of marble
  fireplace. Complement for decoration in marble and others natural stones.
  Bathtubs, sink and  other beautiful elements of decoration
  Full Bathroom in Roman Travertine: solid bath tube and other solid elements
  Some of our recent projects.  Royal Princess Atrium. Artistic works in marble for

yacht. Design, manufacture and assembly of marbles for your yacht.

  Solid sink in statuary marble with control numerical machine
  Others special works of solid elements, with control numerical machines
Sculpture. We are specialized in the realization of classical, modern, religious &
  contemporaneous. sculptures. Bas-relieves & bust sculptures.


Production Blocks Production Slabs, Production floors & covering Cream Limestone


Service Artistic works Sculpture Luxury marble Outlet

 Photographic Catalog of:

Marble & Travertine Stone & Limestone


Porphyry Breach Onyx
Cream Limestone vs. Blocks Limestone,  Slabs Limestone, cut to sizes.
Crema Marfil. Exclusive Caramel Limestone
  Cream limestone, honed, sanded, bush hammered, lining.
  What specific benefits you get by buying our limestone: cream, white and green??
Privacy. privacy                                                                                                                         U p  ^
White marble Blocks. production: Carrara white marble and other white marbles blocks
Production. Blocks. Italian & Spanish natural stones blocks. Surface Finished of materials.
  Arabescato, Staturary, Calacatta gold, Calacatta Vagli, Apuano Statuary Blocks
  Travertines blocks, Caliza Capri, Crema Marfil Blocks, Cream Limestone Blocks.


White marble, Slab's production. Surface Finished of materials.
Slabs' production.  
White marble, Floors and coatings.  Standard floor 30 x 30, 40 x 40, 60 x 60, 60 x 40, 60 x 30
Floors and covering Modular floors and coatings: 12 x 12", 14 x 14", 16 x 16", 18 x 18", 24 x 24", 12x24"
Production. Floors and coatings cut to size, gallery of some products in production.

Venetian mosaics, floors, coatings and decorations.

Precious luxury marbles. Precious luxury marble, antique breach and natural stones. Onyx >>

Design. Selection and search of materials. Rendering. Attendance to the manufacture

  Attendance to the purchase of machines software I specify for the natural stone cut. 
  Attendance to the installation and work completion.
  Cleaning, conservation and I recover  of building, monuments, sculptures, .....  
  The color a useful instrument.    It influences of the colors
  Engineering dates of a marble, stone or granite.  

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Outlet Carrara white, Stocks of commercial and second choice of Carrara White, Statuario, Calacatta, 
Botticino, crema marfil Botticino, Bianco Perlino, Crema marfil, Travertino Romano Classico, Select stocks.
  Stock of Carrara White 40 x 80 x 3 cm and others size
  Tiles commercial and second quality, select stocks.
  Schemes of installation of marbles with different sizes.
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 Lavorazione artistica del marmo, pietra e granito    Elaboracion artistica del marmol    Les creations artistiques 


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